What is this utility?
The "SharePoint 2007 Shared Services Provider User Profile Importer" has been designed and developed to allow users who do not have a well populated Active Directory to get information in to MOSS 2007 User Profiles.
Usually most organisations will populate their Active Directory with information such as: Office, Phone Number, Mobile Phone, Email.
Additional information that lives in HR systems such as Hire Date will require custom development.
This is possible using the Business Data Catalog built into MOSS 2007 - however if you wish to run a basic import from an XML file the "SharePoint 2007 Shared Services Provider User Profile Importer" is for you.

How to use this utility?
The utility comes with online help. Just type in "PI -help" at commandline to get the help screen.

Want more Information?
See Sahil's blog entry documenting the solution:

Want the code?

Want the build?

Want Membership?
ssiadmin@microsoft.com?subject=Membership Request - SharePoint 2007 Shared Services Provider User Profile Importer

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